Room to Fly

2010 was a very challenging year creatively and practically. It brought with it much change and a chance to ground myself in a new reality. In honor of the new year breaking open to offer its new chances to dream, live and learn, I have decided to dismantle what has  hitherto been my only WordPress site: Atelier Pigmenta Peregrinae. That will remain but I would like to tease apart the different elements of my creative aspirations to give them ample room to fly.

This site will be dedicated solely to my silversmithing and ephemeral art.  My illumination and bookbinding will still be found at Atelier Pigmenta Peregrinae. My poetry, literary pursuits and journals have found a home at Butterflyweaver Press. Finally, The Habit of Silence will be a new thanatological journal that I am going to keep specifically addressing the work that I will be beginning at Covenant Hospice in January. Everything will be a wee bit chaotic as I move things about. The links will be in the sidebar to all the rest.

Thanks to all who have visited and will visit these quiet realms of mine. I wish each and every one of you a wonderful new year to pursue your dreams.


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